NDA’s (Non Disclosure Agreements)


It starts out with you and a couple of friends joking about wishing you had portable toilet seat warmers, in the morning you wake up and its still in your mind, Portable Toilet Seat Warmers. (SCREECH) STOP! MOST people think the next step is trying to find people to help you get this idea off of the ground but NO before you start sharing with some group of entrepreneur’s you found on Facebook or putting feelers out for manufacturing a prototype, print up a batch of NDA’s (Non Disclosure Agreements). NDA’s are a touchy subject because much like Prenuptial Agreements people don’t feel “trusted” but exactly like the prenup it is in place for the SAFETY OF THE ASSET. I have heard every reason for not wanting to sign an NDA from “it’s probably not that big of a deal anyway” to “I can’t sign this not knowing what it is before hand”, and my personal favorite Continue reading


Read to Recommend: Get Your Sh*t Together by Sarah Knight


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Ok so 1st let’s address the elephant in the room, The hiatus was REAL. Gone for a while, now Women Who Work is back to inspire, encourage, lend advice and spotlight those who are out there making it work! So I just HAVE to let you guys know how this  book “Get Your Sh*t Together” by Sarah Knight is heaven sent! Usually I am not very keen on “self-help” books, I always say to myself “here is someone trying to tell me what to do” and automatically take the stance of “you don’t know me, how can you help me”. However this book has inspired me to get on the foot of organizing, how to identify when to finishing things that I have started or scratch them all together… basically the order of importance and importance of prioritizing. The book has worksheets, little task and even a few coloring pages to help keep you entertained and on task to get the messages and lessons, the gems that are being given to you.

My advice: Open a new tab on your browser, go to the link provided above and GET THIS BOOK. You will thank me later 🙂


Closing The Wealth Gap: 4 Organizations to help you build your Wealth




Not every door is going to open for you the 1st (or even 3rd) time you knock (trust me, I KNOW) still there is no reason to think you are all alone in your dream to owning your own business or growing in your career.

If you are reading this then you already have your 1st outlet, This organization AND site was developed to help, advise, inform and motivate women in the workforce. Whether you have a non traditional career, would like to build a business or you want to simply progress and grow in your current career there are always several organizations that work hard to find solid leads and helpful ways to gain AND maintain wealth. Continue reading

Welcome Back!


There is a lot to be said about the absence of the Women Who Work site, but now we are BACK and staying! Over the 2 year hiatus I have missed you guys so much and was over whelmed with the love, support and positive words that the WWW Facebook page was receiving from women (and men) that found the page through the net. For that a HUGE thanks is in order and partly what motivated me to get back to helping and spreading the knowledge as well as cultivating ideas about business and bringing people together!

So let’s remember the past as we step into the future and build a strong, positive and wonderful network of strong business motivated people! And as always I say, the site is called WOMEN Who Work, but men are always welcomed with suggestions and or positive additions.


Happy New Year!

– Editor-In-Chief


The Fine Tips of Negotiating


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1.) Know what you want

– Always go into a negotiation thinking about the best case scenario

– What do you want realistically? Money? Relationship?

– If you know what you want out of a deal, and what you absolutely need to make it happen, communicate it through out the negotiation

2.) Know your value

– What is your worth? What different ways can you bring value to a brand? Traffic? Influence? Talent?

3.) Think of Win/Win situations.

– How can we BOTH benefit and/or make money?

4.) Communicate Clearly

– Don’t be readable but straight forward about what you want

5.) Don’t take things too personal

– Most people, as should you, look out for themselves in business

6.) Don’t Delay, Don’t Make Decisions based off of your personal feelings about a client.

– Try not to be influenced into a decision

4 Ways To Bring Your Business Down



These are 4 small tips that usually slips through the cracks but can destroy your business…

  • Bad Receivables

Use good judgement on who gets credit and who doesn’t, also how much credit does one receive. It is very easy to get into a business threatening situation because a big customer goes broke. Good and honest intentions DO NOT always result in getting paid. It is very painful & difficult to cut off an old customer, especially when you need the business, however you don’t need bankruptcy for unpaid debt. COVER YOUR A**


  • Interviewing

Get notes on interviewing potential employees and interns. There are many questions you are NOT permitted to ask without risking a nasty lawsuit that will more than likely cost you more time and money than your willing to waste. Do background checks


  • Put Away For Taxes!

This is one of the most important things to take you down! It’s not to to just “DO” business, when what seems to be un-taxed money comes in you have to put aside for end of the year taxes. The funny part about the IRS is that they won’t come for you and your taxes for YEARS, but trust they will count EVERYTHING. Hire a good account the moment you can afford one.


  • Insurance

Not having employment-practicing insurance or business-income replacement coverage to replace lost revenue until the company is up and running can be pretty big deal breakers

Tip Of The Day: Business Doesn’t Come To you!


When it comes to starting your own or even maintaining and growing a career in ANY capacity, you must know how to get up and get OUT THERE!

The biggest misconception in business is that the business will come to YOU. That you will just create what you think is a great service or product and the clients will come.. WRONG! You must do your research on your clientage, your target market and go out and find out how to get to them! MARKET MARKET MARKET! Go out, shake hands, have surveys and customer feedback, shoot, take pictures kissing babies if you have to! Always know where your audience is and your brand direction is heading so you can reach more of your potential clients. Don’t spend tooo much money on making YOURSELF look good disguising as something for the brand because that is the quickest way to a fast path of a failed business.

There are malls, parks, restaurants, churches and thousands of other resources that you can tap into for your target market and new potential clients. Don’t ever be too embarrassed to cold call or hand out cards or fliers if it follows your brand and builds your business.

No matter your success, as long as your in business is as long as you will need to GO OUT to market and maintain clients/consumers